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It's easy and it's cool. This site is filled with tournament "fridge-grid" brackets (you know, the kind used for NCAA March Madness) on every topic. You can "play" the tournament and find out who you think is the hottest celebrity, best hair band or greatest sports team. You'll find tournaments on everything. And if you don't find a tournament that interests you... create your own!

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Age: 32
Date Joined: 03/29/2007
Competitions: 2

1. Title: Your Favorite SNL Cast Member
Category: Movies
Tournament Creator: HappyMatt
Date Created: 05/21/07
Rate: 9.00
Total Votes: 2
2. Title: Best Swear Words
Category: Entertainment
Tournament Creator: NHMtnMan
Date Created: 01/18/07
Rate: 9.00
Total Votes: 3
3. Title: Greatest Super Bowl Team
Category: Sports
Tournament Creator: JETMANIAC
Date Created: 01/13/07
Rate: 9.00
Total Votes: 1
4. Title: Actor Deserving an Oscar
Category: Entertainment
Tournament Creator: NHMtnMan
Date Created: 01/31/07
Rate: 8.67
Total Votes: 3


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